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Just Dampers specializes in damper inspection, maintenance and service for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment 
Damper Inspection, Maintenance, Service And More
Maintenance, service and inspection of dampers have allowed Just Dampers to help building owners, property managers, engineers and facility managers to lower operating expenses through proper damper function.

Proper damper condition affects the function, life and expenses associated with your commercial HVAC equipment. That's why Just Dampers not only maintains and services dampers, but we also inspect dampers as a measure of preventative HVAC equipment maintenance.

Our technicians also specialize in variable frequency drive (VFD) maintenance to ensure maximum function of AC induction motors without affecting electronic consumption and system productivity, creating cost savings.

Our Fire/Smoke Damper (FSD) inspections meet fire code adherence standards and ensure that when a fire occurs dampers perform appropriately to stop the spread of fire.  

Just Dampers also has controls experience. We are able to trouble shoot your equipment, making sure your networked AHU dampers are operating according to your engineer's specifications. ​​
How Does Damper Maintenance Affect HVAC Equipment?
  • Lowers operating expenses
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Reduces equipment maintenance cost
  • Increases asset reliability and lifetime
  • Increases energy efficiency​
  • Increases environment comfort
  • Increases safety of environments for people and processes​
  • Increases indoor air quality

Our Service, Your System​
​​You've invested in an HVAC system with the intent of improving the air quality, keeping your building comfortable, safe and energy efficient. The inspection and maintenance of dampers is a crucial part to accomplishing that. Just Dampers' services ensure that your hospital, office building or apartment complex 's equipment is maintained, operating at optimal conditions and creating a safe environment.
Air Handling & Rooftop Units
Fire Smoke Dampers
Proper inspection and maintenance of Fire Smoke Dampers (FSD) is necessary to ensure proper function in the event of a fire. Just Dampers adheres to current fire code compliance standards and creates an inspection list after each inspection. Dampers are inspected to ensure:
  • ​Dampers fully open and close
  • ​Removal of fusible links and then replacement after testing
  • Check latches
  • Lubrication and moving of all parts to ensure proper function and absence of barriers​​

Air Handler Units (AHU) and Rooftop Unit (RTU) dampers direct the flow of outside air and significantly impact indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Dampers must be cleaned and lubricated to make sure all moveable parts are functioning and then tested. These dampers endure a constanst flow of dirty outside air, so if closed they can possibly stick, and if open, they can overload the cooling coil with too much hot outside air. This can be avoided with regular expert service from Just Dampers.
Coils, Switches & Sensors
Variable Frequency Drives

Maintaining and cleaning coils (reheat, pre-heat and cooling coil) is necessary to minimize energy use and reduce utility costs. 

​Properly installing the freeze stat, temperature sensors, modulate actuator damper end-switches all ensure proper equipment function and safety.
Proper maintenance and function of variable frequency drives effectively reduce and control the speed of the HVAC air conditioning motor to reduce amp output and createcost savings. Maintenance allows for the variability of speed control and maximization of productivity.