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Just Dampers for Commercial HVAC​

Serving New York and New Jersey, Just Dampers inspects, maintains and services dampers and associated parts for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. Our services improve the function, life and efficiency of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment in buildings of all sizes, including hospitals, apartment buildings, hotels, factories and office buildings.

   Just Dampers specializes in damper maintenance for Air Handling Units   (AHU), Roof Top Units (RTU) and Fire Smoke Dampers to ensure   ​​
  superior air control, high performance and sustainable energy
  efficiency. ​ 

  Our certified technicians provide damper maintenance, service and
  inspections that directly affect HVAC equipment function. Our services:

  • Increase Equipment Lifetime​​
  •  Increase Energy Efficiency
  •  Reduce Operating Expenses
  •  Reduce Unplanned Downtime 
  •  Reduce Equipment Maintenance Costs
  •  Create Safer Environments
  •  Provide Better Air Quality
  •  Ensure Productive Environments
  •  Increase Energy Efficiency 

Customer Testimonial

"I have used Just Dampers  services on multiple occassions and they are the most professional company I have dealt with.  Hello Eugene, the owner, is professional, knowledgeable and kept me informed during the entire process.  They show up on time, perform excellent work and  corrected the issues immediately. 
  The price and the quality of work was outstanding and I'd certainly work with them again on future projects."

Ralph Embro
​  R.E Mechanical & Air Conditioning Service, LLC

Specializing in Commercial Damper Maintenance & Service

Just Dampers is your solution to maintaining your commercial HVAC system. Contact us today to make an appointment or request a consultation. Our expert technicians are prepared to provide you with:

24/7 Emergency Service

Service in New York and New Jersey

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full Damper Inspection

OSHA Certification

Full Damper Service & Maintenance

Superior Customer Service

HVAC Certification

BAS/BMS Experience

VFD Certification

NFPA 80, 92 and 105 Certified

VFD Maintenance